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Auxify Call Blocker SMS Eraser

4.99 usd

Has your significant other ever went through your phone and saw something s/he shouldn't have? Are you a player? Do you flirt? Want more privacy? Tired of manually hiding things? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need this app. Remember: Your secrets are safe with Auxify!--------WHAT IS AUXIFY?--------
Auxify Call Blocker Text Eraser is the complete, all-in-one stealth app for Android devices! With Auxify:
**Dial '1234' from your phone's keypad to open Auxify upon download**
**STEALTH MODE: In Stealth Mode, your phone discreetly intercepts all incoming phone calls and text messages from contacts on your blacklist. A full list of the calls and text messages is hidden within the app, so you can access them at your convenience when you’re away from prying eyes.
When a blacklisted contact calls you, your phone will not ring or beep, and there are no screen notifications. Instead, the caller is sent straight to voicemail and the entry in your contact log is deleted instantly. There is no trace of the blacklisted communication – unless and until you enter your Auxify PIN and access the information through our app.
**PIN ACCESS: If someone stumbles across Auxify on your phone and begins to pry, your secrets are still safe. The only way to access the app is by entering the user-created PIN of between one and six digits. Keep your PIN a secret, and everything else will remain a secret, too.
**SHAKE TO HIDE: Need to hide what you’re doing quickly? Just shake your phone once and Auxify immediately reenters stealth mode without a beep or a confirmation screen. This is ideal for situations where someone suddenly enters the room while you’re reviewing your blacklisted calls and text messages. A discreet shake makes sure your secrets remain hidden. Please note that this feature works only on phones that have an accelerometer (like the name and name). The app’s Settings menu indicates whether this feature works on your phone.
**SELECT BLACKLIST CONTACTS: Pull up a list of all the contacts on your phone and easily add them to your blacklist so that any incoming calls or text messages from those numbers will be hidden from view. You can also enter phone numbers directly for callers like bill collectors and telemarketers who aren’t included in your contact list.
**HIDE OUTGOING CALLS AND TEXTS: Within Auxify, you can place hidden calls and text messages to individuals on your blacklist and they won’t appear in your list of outgoing calls or sent messages. You still have access to all the details of the calls and messages, but no one else does.
**CLEAN SLATE: When you no longer need the list of calls and text messages from your blacklisted contacts, you can wipe the slate clean and delete all the information at once with a single click of a button.
--------WHY AUXIFY?--------
With Auxify Call Blocker Text Eraseryou can easily add contacts to your blacklist and block calls and texts from them. It's simple! Keep any private conversations outside of your primary text and call apps. There is no need to hide your phone or place it face down on the table! AUXIFY WILL BECOME YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND!!
We have tested this app on many Android platforms. If you run into any problems, email us directly at Rest assured that we will continue to develop Auxify and make it even better!
Auxify is the best text eraser, call blocker and text and call interceptor app, , period! Download Auxify today and you will not regret it.
Auxify Call Blocker Test Eraser is not affiliated with Private SMS/MMS Box, Fox Private Message, Locky Plus, Conspirator, Android Call Blocker, Extreme Call Blocker, Shady SMS, Go SMS Pro, Indigo Secure SMS, Secret SMS, HMT Invsible+, or CATE App.